Wednesday, January 26

Running Update #52....and the 600th post

I might have been more motivated on my run today if I realized this would be my 600th post.  Today was supposed to be 18km on the treadmill day.  I had my sights set on the giant hamster wheel ever since the cold cold sunday that caused me to fail at life my run.  I brought my stuff to placement yesterday so I could hit the gym on the way home, bypassing the possibility of getting home and being unable to motivate myself to leave the house again.  I didn't make it yesterday since I ended up feeling like poop all day but was determined to go tonight.  And go I did.  For....5km haha.  I just COULD NOT DO IT!  I learned something today and that was:  I must always run outside.  I had uploaded new podcasts about octopuses and dead bodies and some White Coat Black Art; I was excited to run and learn and feel superior to others who were not running 18km. The first 5 minutes were awesome.  And the rest was pure torture.  It was like I had a dementor in front of me sucking out my soul as I ran.  So I came home and had some cracker pizzas.  A culinary master I am not.

Some placement new though.  While I have been fairly mum about this current unpaid internship except to say I've been enjoying myself quite a bit I can say something cool: my supervisor had some personal things to attend to today and I got to run the show on my own!  Of course, there are things I can't do without supervision so no one received swallowing assessments today but hoo-boy I was on a roll.  Or at least I felt like I was.  I should wait until tomorrow when she reads everything I wrote in the medical charts....

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