Monday, January 24

New Fave Cuisine

After living here for 1.5 years I FINALLY tried Ethiopian food at a nearby restaurant.  I was missing out.  We ordered a big platter with everything they offered for vegetarian and went to town.  Quite a few of the saucy puddles looked similar but they each had a unique flavour and all were tasty.  The spices are so rich and I'm a lentil fanatic.  Go lentils!  It probably would have been perfect had it been paired with naan; some Indiopian fusion.  Part of the appeal is eating with your hands and scooping the stews up the bread.  The bread (called injera) is best described as a bland, spongy crepe but it is served cold and looks a little like tripe (mmm, stomach rugae).  A warm, buttery naan would have sealed the deal.  The best part of the meal was actually the tea anyway.  Try it yourself.  DO IT!  NOW!  Seriously.

Steep some cloves, cinnamon and cardamom in hot water
Add a rooibos teabag
Sugar it up
Savour.  Seriously.  Make more than one.


Beth said...

woah, i read this just after reading an entry from my friends who've adopted an ethiopian baby. i've heard good things about ethiopian.

i want that tea.

can we have some together sometime?

Katie V. said...

Aw, babies! What was their impression of Ethiopia when they traveled there to meet the baby?

I'd love to have tea with you :)