Saturday, January 15

Running Update #51: A New Distance (barely)

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I had to ramp it up today since the half marathon (my very first one!) will be in just over a month.  I reminded myself on Wednesday night that when the paths are clear (even if it is -12 degrees celcius) I can keep up a respectable pace for 7km.  Barely.  7.19km in 42:45.  For the second km I threw in a 4:40 what?  Where did that come from?  Can Garmin be wrong?

The kicker was this morning.  There is something about Toronto and Saturdays that attracts snow to the city like marathoners to a bagel stand.  This saturday was a repeat of last except I was determined not to bail on the full distance I needed to cover no matter how slow I was.  And I was slow.  Let me first lay down the excuses facts:  it was windy, the snow was often about 4 inches deep and there was at least an inch of slushy snow on almost the entire route, I could hardly get traction, I didn't bring any fuel.  But I think the point is that I DID IT!  15.22km baby*.  It took me 1:47:02.  Yikes, if the weather is like this on race day I could be looking at over 2.5 hours to complete 21.1km.  It is definitely a mind game.  Thank you CBC Radio for White Coat Black Art.

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
1 0:06:44 1 6:44
2 0:06:36 1 6:36
3 0:05:56 0.89 6:41
4 0:06:09 1 6:09
5 0:06:29 1 6:29
6 0:06:32 1 6:32
7 0:07:05 1 7:05
8 0:07:15 1 7:15
9 0:06:57 1 6:57
10 0:06:27 1 6:27
11 0:08:47 1 8:47
12 0:07:02 1 7:02
13 0:07:40 1 7:40
14 0:07:26 1 7:26
15 0:07:26 1 7:26
16 0:02:22 0.34 7:04
 Summary 1:47:02 15.22 7:01

The temp was mild (-2 celcius) and the snow was big and fluffy.  If you're wondering:  temperature really isn't an issue as long as you're moving.  It is the traction that hurts the most.  And the subway ride home.  Bored of the same routes over and over I decided to run the subway route and then TTC back home.

1. The subway route wasn't long enough and I ended up running back and forth between stations to hit my goal.
2.  A half hour trip back in cold, sweaty, wet running clothes is almost unbearable.  Near the end I was afraid of cracking a tooth.  Where can I get one of those cool silver blankets they give runners after races to carry with me?
3.  Smart decisions would help the ride be more bearable like choosing a hot chocolate at Timmy Ho's instead of a cold refreshing chocolate milk before jumping on the subway.  Not that I was doing much jumping. 

Waiting for the Garmin to find its satellites

After about 7km.  Look at those eyebrow-cicles.

After 15.22km.  I ran the last half nearly blind.  Oh there's another excuse fact.


Cheers to you Royal York Station.

*Ok, of course there is an asterisk.  This was not without stopping which makes me a little ashamed.  I never stopped to walk (although sometimes my pace appeared like walking) but I had quite a few lights that required my stopping in the first half of the run.  AND I had my first official on-the-run-bathroom-break!  20 minutes it was either shart or give-in so I chose a Tim Hortons and went for the gold.

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Beth said...

katie, i love reading your running updates. i applaud you and am impressed by you.

and have ZERO desire to run in the winter. ZERO. (shudder)