Saturday, January 1

A Lazy Vacation

The word to describe my vacation would have to be lazy.  I watched more TV that I care to admit (thank you TLC) and just hung out most of the time.  There isn't any regret except how much running I didn't do.  Barely any to be in fact.  After getting sick I just lost my motivation.  Pathetic.  And now I'm nervous to get back at it and see how much stamina I've lost.  Considering the half marathon is in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!  What was I thinking?  All my fancy new running gear is all a waste if I don't use it.  Before the break I had myself in a great position for the half and now I've lazed myself into a bit of a panic.  I just need to finish...

Currently I'm hanging out in the Soo airport (thanks for the free Wifi!) awaiting my delayed flight back to Toronto.  It is bittersweet.  I wasn't exactly looking forward to coming home (except to see family and a few select friends, of course); there were/are just too many memories.  But now I head back to tackle my third placement and I'm dealing with the lack of confidence that makes something that should be exciting a very scary thing.  It is all the more crucial that I literally dust my running clothes off and take this seriously because it is the one thing I do where I feel comfortable in my own self. 

A highlight of my trip was seeing great friends and snuggling their new babies.  This was the holiday of baby snuggling.  Just this afternoon the youngest of three boys, D, (just two months old!) took a nap on me.  I just about took him back to Toronto with me.  They just about let me ;) Little Z kills me every time.  I think 2.5 years old is my favourite age, except, of course, new. 

They learn so quickly.
Z:  Dad, where my beans?
the dad:  Oh I totally forgot, crap.
Z:  Crap!

Or another fave quote of the day:
Mom, where's my hockey dick?
Your what?
My hockey dick!

It is always best to have them repeat just to be sure.  Consonant cluster simplification and initial consonant voicing = hilarious.


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Hello Katie,

You still have time to pull this one out. It's Jan. 1st, an easy time to get back on track. Not sure what your training has been, but I think you can totally get in enough training to "finish" the half marathon. walking is ok too, especially in your first half.

Make 2011 your year to shine!

Katie V. said...

Thanks for the encouragement! My first run of the new year went better than expected and I think I'll target some hills today since most of this city is so flat. All the best in 2011 to you too!

Vixxen said...

We're really glad you came home. Not only would it not be Christmas without you, but we like spending time with you regardless of the time of year.

We understand the memories thing, though.