Tuesday, February 1

A Trip to Classy-Town

Yorkville, that is.  Considering that the Salvation Army is really more within my budget, this was mostly just daydreaming.  Of course, I had to look the part and spent about an hour prepping my outfit (this is pretty major for me).  The DJM invited me out for some shoe shopping where I think I drove her totally nuts by insisting on pronouncing "classy" with (what I call) the 'Michigan A'.  We perused stores that I have walked past probably over 100 times but never bothered to visit.  The price tags felt surreal, it didn't even hurt to look because it was all just pretend anyway (at least for me!).  $695 for shoes.  $900 for boots.  On sale.  Oh look, the shoes from Sex and the City!  Oh look, a gorgeous man clad only in boxers and red angel wings handing out lip-shaped cookies!  Yes, thank you, I will have a mini hot chocolate and a bag of candy.  Way to go, Holt Renfrew.  You disgust me with your consumerism but you do it so well.

My cover was blown at Escada though.  We popped in to see some fancy shoes which, by the way, were disappointing, Escada.  After a perusal of the main floor we headed upstairs where the salesperson not only blatantly followed us right up there but it sounded like he was calling for a lookout as well.  I wanted to pull a Julia Roberts (Big mistake.  BIG MISTAKE!) but I didn't love the idea of having to then prostitute myself for the needed funds.  Fine, I didn't exactly look expensive but I don't think we looked like thieves. 

Maybe we shouldn't be grooming expensive tastes in me after 7 years (yep, all 7 years) of post-secondary education (read: debt).  I have a new signature scent, apparently.  I just can't afford to own it.  Jo Malone:  Blue Agava and Cacao.  It smells fruity with some heavy chocolate undertones.  Who knew perfume really had undertones?  Apparently Britney Spears isn't as top-of-the-line as it gets.  Speaking of things I can't afford:  I am currently obsessed with some gorgeous boots from Browns.  Tall, tan, heeled, front that folds down or up, flattering salespeople.  $250 on sale.  Honestly, I realize that is a good price for high quality leather boots but....I just paid $450 to write a test.  I paid for agony.  I think that is the definition of one's early 20s.  Pay ridiculous sums of money to be tested on a regular basis in ways that may (but likely will not) relate directly to the ability to perform at real life.  For now I'll just dream about the boots and maybe visit them.

Just another few minutes of lunch break so I'll add a placement anecdote.  We got to hang with the ENT yesterday and see some vocal folds and some tracheas (no big deal, whatever....AWESOME!).  The doctor called in his dictations with us right there so we could hear while he referred to my clinical educator (ie. in an official medical record) as the Queen of Speech Pathology.  It is official, I'm clearly getting the best placement experience.  Sorry everyone else.

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Vixxen said...

lol I can just hear you saying "classy". You have the best Michigan accent in the house.