Tuesday, February 22


I'm not addicted to racing, I'm addicted to getting medals.  I want to cover my walls in medals.  In running these days it basically means paying $40 and showing up, making it across the start line and then the finish line.  I'm ok with that.  Right now there are two medals hanging with all my pretty necklaces.  By the time I leave for Kenya I plan to have 2 more. 

As of today I have signed up for a 5km and a 10km race.  The goals here aren't just finishing I suppose, since I know that I can do that.  The goal is maintaining at least that much fitness and hopefully making good time.

MARCH 13, 2011:  The Achilles 12th Annual St. Patrick's Day 5k Run/Walk (I'll be running)

APRIL 10, 2011:  7th Annual Cadillac Fairview Run.  10km of good times to support POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario).  Plus the race doesn't start until 10am.  GLORIOUS!  And the first 800 people get a new balance technical tee.  I love useful swag.  And it promises good food afterward (no offense winterman but half-frozen bagels? really?)

G-Sis already promised that she's in.  Who else is with me?  For one or both.  The race on April 10th also has a 5km so no excuses!  If you've wanted to try it this would be a perfect place to start and we can do it together!


Anonymous said...

I want to do the April 10 one! I don't know if I could do the one in March, haha!

Beth said...

i am sorely tempted to join the april race.

i once signed up to do a 5k in Vancouver... but missed it due to a migraine. and then felt discouraged and haven't re-attempted a race since.