Monday, February 14

The Grammy Awards

A title I never thought I would write.  Award show recaps are not usually my thing.  Actually, they still aren't because, while I watched them with pop culture gurus (JHarv & CabbagePatch), I'm not committed enough to try to summarize the good times and the great comments.  But I will say:  ARCADE FIRE?!?!?!  Don't mistake that as excitement. It is intense disappointment.  Yes, I love it when Canadians win but this feels akin to Nickelback taking home the prize (entirely shameful...thank nail clippers that could never happen....RIGHT???).  I find Arcade Fire fairly blah.  Boring.  I can't wrap my head around Lady Gaga not winning.  I appreciate her insanity.  More than that, though, her album broke all kinds of records...I don't get it. 

These are the only two possible scenarios I can come up with that would explain this judgment faux pas:

1. The judges got completely sloshed, put their names in a hat, pulled one, blind-folded said person, handed them a dart and which ever band's picture that was taped to the wall that the dart hit = WINNER!
2. An intricate maze was created for a small rodent (let's say guinea pig) with five exits.  At each exit was placed a CD representing the bands/performers up for nomination of Best Album.  The guinea pig was released and the first exit it took = WINNER!

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Vixxen said...

I agree about the Arcade Fire. I find them boring, too. I just don't think their music is anything special.