Thursday, February 17

Finally Official

People have been asking me for years:  where are you going for your last placement?  For anyone who doesn't know, I'll be doing my last SLP placement overseas with Hi-C in a developing country thanks to a scholarship.  I have known for almost two years but I've known the destination 100% for about one day. It has gone from "I don't know" to "It is likely India" back to "I don't know" and we've been betting on Kenya for a while but with no confirmation.

Nairobi, Kenya it is!  A hospital in the capital city and perhaps a few weeks in rural Mombasa.  Things happened so quickly (well, it took forever but that is another story) and we went from confirmation to flight booking in a few hours.

Toronto - Washington - Doha, Qatar - Nairobi (over two days)....sleeping in the Qatar airport.

And back the same way we came in 3 months.  At least three months.  I'm open to extending the trip if the mood strikes me.


Vanessa said...

Woohoo Africa!

You'll have a blast I'm sure!

Katie V. said...

I anticipate as much. Woot! Will we be on the continent at the same time?

Katrina said...

That's so exciting!!!!