Wednesday, February 2


Today was interesting to say the least.  I can't talk much about placement but I think I can share this with you:  this marks the first time I had a stranger's vomit (or really any bodily fluids) on my person.  A day to remember, no?  Being in the hospital environment with very sick people something was bound to happen eventually.  I was with a client, went to put something up on the wall, knocked something else down, leaned forward to pick it up and into a vomit basin goes the sash around my waist.  It was pretty much clear fluid, thank texas toast but still a bit much.  Although I have to say that I handled it much better than I would have predicted.  I excused myself since we were finished with our conversation and calmly walked back to my office where I shed my lovely satin top (thank cuban cigars I was wearing a tank top underneath and it was the end of the day).  Deep breath.  Whew.  No big deal. 

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