Friday, February 18

Neighbourhood Regulars

There are a few people I see around the neighbourhood on a regular basis that intrigue me and leave me wondering about how they became who they are.

1. Sirmoiselle Cherry Coat
When it rains a tall, thin man stands outside the nearby subway station.  He wears a full-length, shiny plastic, candy-apple red trench coat with a matching rain hat a la Paddington bear.  He stands more quietly than his jacket and holds up paintings that appear to be for sale.  For someone with a penchant for vibrant clothing the paintings are relatively dull, using a muted colour palate from the mid 60s to create landscapes.  I haven't been able to tell how much he asks for the paintings or if the paintings change indicating a possible sale.  I identified this person as a man but this person may self-identify as a woman. 

2. Stroller Surprise
The first time I came across this now familiar face I saw a middle-aged father trying to coordinate holding a Pizza Pizza door open and pushing a stroller inside.  I reached out to hold the door and looked down (female first reaction to a stroller is to of course look down and 'aww' over babies).  Babies yes, but babies of an entirely different species.  He pushes his brood of miniature dogs around in a stroller.  I'm fairly sure his pockets were full of pooches, too.

3. The Pink Panter
 No, that wasn't a spelling mistake.  He wears pink pants.  Not that pink pants would be weird here.  I WISH they were pants.  He wears pink spandex leggings.  A 60-something man always walking around yonge street in capri-length, hot pink skin tight and not-quite-opaque spandex.  All the power to him I suppose.  I respect people that aren't afraid to be themselves.  I wonder when he reached the point that he decided he would wear whatever spandex leggings he wanted, dagnabbit!

There was one other "gentleman" that I hope does not become a regular.  On our way to Zelda's last weekend the roomie and I were almost flashed when some guy on the street corner, yelling at someone on the other corner (I think there was actually someone there) while lifting his shirt high enough to reveal his nipples and his pants....could have used a belt.  I wanted to wash my eyes.  The neighbourhood is never dull.

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