Sunday, February 13

The New Saturday Hangout

With no Saturday night plans (other than this torturous report to write) and the knowledge that I could not leave the gaybourhood without seeing a drag show at least one time, I rounded up a few friends and headed to Zelda's for their Saturday night entertainment.  I was going to put up the poster in here but I'll just link it so no one feels like I offended their delicate sensibilities (actually, the poster is very tame.  The performer names are the only risque part of the ad).  The fact that there is NO COVER basically means there is no reason not to go.  The show is very interactive (according to Heroine it is "like disneyworld") if you sit in the front sections which we did not end up doing. 

The gist:  they dress in fabulous costumes and lip sync to Top40s while dancing/performing along with the music.  And Heroine threw in some Rachel Berry for good measure.  The banter was probably the best part of the show, though.  Or wait, maybe the best part was the table of septagenarians fully enjoying the show.  I hope I'm out at drag shows in my 70s instead of dinner at 4 and then knit club.  Although that is currently a fairly accurate picture of my 20s....uh oh.


Beth said...

you've sold me on it.
i'll come some weekend.

Katie V. said...

Love it. We will make it happen. Was it the no cover or the interactivity of show?

Vixxen said...

lol You're the best sister.