Thursday, May 31

Sigh of Satisfaction is in Order

Work today was work. The satisfaction came from doing something for someone else and being with great people. A young couple in our church with a 1 year old just bought their first house next to the Pastor's house. Being an older home it needed quite a bit of work and for the last few weeks they have been gutting it and refinishing in order to move in....eventually.

They happened to be going out of town this week so a group from our church got together and spent the evening painting for them. There were so many people that there wasn't really enough painting to go around so another woman and I explored the backyard and found a very disheveled, but once beautiful, garden. The next few hours we gradually increased our team and weeded, chopped, dug and replanted. They will have a few newly pruned gardens to look forward to. The company was wonderful too, can't find a nicer bunch of people.

Although I am a sucker. Jelena likes to bug me and call me mom because I sometimes nurture and I like to insist that she is incorrect. Well, she may be right. Tonight I was inside with the Pastor's son (he's only 3) and i'm washing my hands and he says "oops, i'm peeing on the floor". Well there isn't anything we could do about it so into the bathtub he goes. Being a 'mom' like person in spurts is fun.

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Jelena said...

Don't even pretend that it's just "fun"... it's what you LIVE for!!!