Saturday, May 12

Successful day!

Second day of garage sale season and there were deals to be had!

laura and I went out at 8 but I'm a bit less militant this year so there was no predetermined route and we even stopped to grab tea and breakfast.
Katie's total: $3.20
Purplish/pink beaded neclace, the Life of Pi (book) and angela's Ashes (book): $1
The Secret Life of Bees (book): $1
Reading Lolita in Tehran (book): $1

Laura's total: $11
*Laura is married (almost two years now!) and they purchased a house a few months ago
6 wooden, folding chairs (to be painted black and used outside): $10
*it was perfect, she said the one thing she was really hoping for was 6 matching outdoor chairs which I informed her was unlikely but we would keep looking
Stack o'national geographics (for art projects): $1

Overal, a good day. Its always more fun when everyone that goes finds something.

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