Saturday, May 5

Junk in my trunk

First garage-saling trip of the season: done and done.
Expenses: $4.00
returned with: car with less gas, four necklaces and a set of dominoes.
I actually do not know how to play dominoes (other than knocking them down) but my bro can teach me so good investment in learning say I. The necklaces are one pearl (fake but real looking and beige), a navy one with small glass beads, a green one with three strands and funkiness and a cheapy bead one in fun pink. Mostly I never pay more than $1 for a necklace but I grabbed two out of the 50 cent bin at this old people housing place and when I went to pay the woman claimed that one should have been in with the $2 jewels but I liked it and she was old and I didn't want to look like a jerk so I took it. I just can't argue with old people!

Anoche (last night) salio por el club (I went out to 'the club' or so it would be called here). It was actually the first time I have ever been into a bar while it was open in the Sault. I know, what a party animal! I had one drink before leaving the Moore's place. It was the Moore sisters' birthdays (not twins but one day apart) so I met them there and we all headed to Docks. I'll give them credit: if Docks was in Guelph it wouldn't tank. It was ok and I didn't really run into anyone awkward from high school. Check!

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Beth said...

i loved your garage sale reports last summer and am looking forward to more goodness this summer!