Monday, May 7


After work today i settled in for an episode of 90210 where they dealt with the very relevant topic of stereotypes and racial minorities. Good ol' walsh family is always ahead of the times in terms of political correctness. Luckily the Hispanic girl had to return to East LA so they didn't have to write her into the show longterm as Brandon's new love interest, wouldn't want to stray from the entirely beige cast for more than a token lesson.

There isn't much to report on the first day at my new job (although I kept adding up in my head how much I had made each hour). Every two weeks i get three day weekend (although the other weekends I get a one day weekend, ah well its a good trade-off). It makes visiting friends down south a little more realistic when spending 13 hours on the bus bus. Today mostly consisted of getting used to basic office stuff, signing people up for our job program, making calls, entering data. Probably the best thing was biking to work, home for lunch and back and then home again. If i keep that up plus the free YMCA membership I get for working where I work (i know, when do the perks end?) I may get in shape for Bermy!

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