Saturday, May 19

sad but true

I am blogging at work. There is no one here...really who wants to look for a job on the Saturday of the long weekend? maybe it will pick up of the afternoon. At least I am now over half way through "the Bluest Eye" by toni Morrison which I grabbed at the library the other night. I went to drop off some finished books and came back with 6 new ones: one fiction, 5 non. If I can ever get through the two I'm still reading from the last trip I will get to read about the history of salt, Einstein's brain, how our food today may cause mental illness and a few other things.

I have work down. Home down; although I don't really hang out with my family like I did last summer. I ever exercise fairly regularly (going to the gym tonight), go to church and sometimes bother to call people. The goal now is to build up a more routinized life outside of work. Tonight at the gym I will check out the classes they offer; maybe they will motivate me to workout harder. I want to volunteer. A few people have given me spanish contacts. The woman I spoke with yesterday (a guy at the other office just dials her number and hands me the phone: here, be friends) said my accent is good, so i my grammar but what I really need to do is spend time listening to the radio or something to improve my comprehension. Its true, I have a very hard time listening to native speakers and deciphering their words.

Just four more hours of work to go.

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