Tuesday, May 8

Character Flaw

there is an inherent selfishness inside myself that i battle against every day. Call is the fall, call it instinct (although I probably wouldn't) but its there. The thing that I am often very selfish with is my time. After being at work all day there is nothing I want to do except be by myself to do whatever it is I feel like doing. That is what I call free time. But i need a different view of free time. It should be any time that I fill doing things that make life worth living, including building relationships and giving my time to others.

This relates to some behaviour that I am not entirely proud of. I have a sister. She is almost 20. She doesn't drive. Every time I have to give her a ride somewhere I only do so with various groans and annoyed reminders that she really should learn how to drive (or other lovely peices of advice that she has obviously appreciated and taken to heart). It i'm going to drive her it doesn't help either of us for me to act like a spoiled child and I hereby commit to trying to drive her around graciously from now on.

Also, I stopped by my grandmother's house on the way home because she needed help with something. I like visiting her and helping but still, I was on a rush out so I could have my "free time". To do what with? Blog? Watch TV? Read? Woop-de-poo. I need to start not just spending more time doing the things and with the people that are important to me but to be there/with them and enjoying myself.

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