Wednesday, May 2

Still waiting on my passport

Today I biked to the store instead of taking the easier route of snagging my mom's van. The sad thing is that I wouldn't have thought twice about driving even though I don't exactly have a day filled with excitement and its only about a 10 min ride. The sadder thing is that the hill on the way back ate me for lunch and then puked me up and ate me for a snack. Yes, it was a very steep hill but still, I'm not old, I'm not even middle aged. Don't read this sentence if you're a conservative male (or just boys, stop reading) but: it felt like my uterus was doused in gasoline and lit on fire. How is that for a simile? Maybe it was my lower abs but I would like to think I know the difference. Is this normal when one is out of shape and does very physically demanding exercise? Ok, I promise not to make too many more remarks like that.

In less squeamish news I have a few interviews coming up. Sigh, I just want money so I can travel. Discovering my life passion would be sweet too but one step at a time.

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Silas said...

i love it when you make (insert word) jokes!