Friday, May 4

I am job

Monday morning I have to wake up early. That's ok, because I have a JOB!!!! Woot! The call came at 9:05 this morning and I reached for it: EMPLYMNT CONNCTS. First call of the day, they MUST love me. I will be working in an employment office helping high school students (and some adults i'm sure) apply for jobs, write resumes and cover letters, a little data entry here and there. The great part: they are totally cool with me skipping out for a week for Ash and Ryan's wedding in the big Bermy. Could life get much better?

Also: we have to work every second Saturday (it has to be open times when High school students can come in) but its never earlier than 10am meaning....drum roll....I can still garage sale every weekend! Prepare to be amazed.


Silas said...

huh that's actually a great job! crazy, weren't you looking for a job using that place previously?

Katie V. said...

you're good! yep, i was there about three or four times and i saw a posting for them, and it was the last day to apply. Funny how things work out.