Tuesday, May 22

ate waterchestnuts wrapped in bacon, now i'm lying awake

An honest-to-goodness, west-coast-grown, bandanna-wearing HIPPIE! My new role model. This shouldn't be something novel having spent 4 wonderful years in Guelph however there are two key differences: 1) she's in the soo (an uncommon breed) and 2) she is over 30, has kids and is still hardcore

The hippies at Guelph have have yet to pass a true credibility test having only lived solo-hippie without the responsibility of other people. It is easy to shun cars and microwave pizza pockets when there is only you to transport and you don't have a 15 year old son begging for processed fat for lunch. Give them 10 years and half of them will cave. But this lady, she has 4 kids (ranging from 1 year to 15 years) and faithfully grows (nurtures actually, which makes it difficult for her to eat them) her own sprouts, buys organic and local (not so easy 'round these parts I might add), hikes....ok i know she does more hippie things but I'm tired and I forget.

Before running off to the ladies night and having the hippie talk I came across some neat-o websites for hippies and travellers (often one in the same). I was researching travel after realizing that "hey, if I really am going to spend 3 months in south america I'm actually going to have to invest in more than a new tube of toothpaste and an umbrella".

There is a coolio site for solo lady travellers.
Another for treehugging that has eco-friendly tips for every part of life, including travel.

someone is now getting overexcited to ready herself for a trip. This gives her many more things to watch for at garage sales!!!

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