Sunday, May 27

wheelin' and dealin'

Apologies for the cheesy title but its true! Saturday was garage sale day as usual but a little twist was that I taked my bike and did it all that way. Since I am mostly in the market for books and jewelry my packsack was sufficient carrying capacity and proved a good deterrent when people tried to force large items on me; "oh haha, that would be cool but I may have a hard time getting it home *gestures towards bicylcle*". It was such a good workout, and it put me in a good mood for sures.

The finds:
The Secret Garden: 50 cents (purchased slightly out of pity and awkwardness but the movie was good)
Prozac Nation: 50 cents
A Million Little Pieces: 25 cents (I am aware of the untrueness controversy around this book and was not that inclined to read it but I couldn't pass up owning it for such a bargain!)
Lemony Snicket book 6: 25 cents (again, don't intend to read it but a beautiful hardcover for this price had to be snatched; i'll find a child who reads them)
Grimms' Fairy Tales: 25 cents (its a classic)
The BFG: 35 cents (it ws by donation so I felt cheap giving 25 cents haha)

The whole day was wonderful. I stopped by the pastor's house at the end of saling because they were having one so I thought I'd say hola and ended up there all day. Eating cake, playing with their 3-year-old son, going to the fair, out for ice cream, across the river; a very full day! After spending all that time outside (over 12 hours) who is pretty much exactly the same colour of white as she was before? not even a sun burn to show for it and i had no sunscreen on.

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