Friday, June 1

I Laughed so Hard

Heard on a new episode of what not to wear: They team and family were discussing the bland wardrobe of the chosen one when her husband kindly compared it to vanilla.

In total agreement Stacey added: "Yes, why be vanilla when you could be...oh...tutti frutti...*turns and looks at Clinton*...or....

Clinton: *busts out laughing* "Don't look at me when you say tutti frutti"

Officially the first remark eluding to Clinton's 'orientation'. So sad, I will never marry him.

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Vaness said...

Ha! Finally cold, hard proof that he is gay! I was convinced he wasn't and then someone said he was gay and then later on someone said he had a wife. Which confused me to no end.
So now I can put that issue to rest.
Thanks. :)