Tuesday, June 5

Change isn't so scary

First, facebook has found another way to siphon my time (not that its as valuable as it was when I was in school, but still!). I added the 'iread' application and my love for books coupled with my slightly OCD tendency to HAVE TO INCLUDE EVERY BOOK I HAVE EVER READ and then COMMENT ON THEM is using up considerable time. I guess as long as i'm entertained, but why couldn't facebook only be powered by my sweat (ie. be bike or running powered).

yesterday I decided that long hair was not longer what I wanted.

I made a little change.


Beth said...

so sleek! so sexy! so stunning.

Silas said...

hm, what's with the "look at the camera but not through the glasses??" curious.

Katie V. said...

haha, i didn't even realize I was doing that in all the photos I had posted. Maybe I think I'm hot. Mostly my glasses slide down my face and also, I like my face from an angle better than straight on so there...a long explanation lol

Vaness said...

I like the hair cut...a LOT!