Saturday, June 30

Early Canada Day

Last night some peeps went out to a camp for a jovial time. In all there was at least $60 of merchandise blown up and a small lack of common sense. My first experience with do-it-yourself fireworks proved to be entertaining. Although a bit wary at first I greatly enjoyed the sparkly ones (star dust or balls of green and blue light streaming into the air) but not so excited about the loud bangs that some of the more cocky and arogant fireworks let out. Please, you expect me to be impressed by a loud noise? You're just moving air around to create waves that, when hitting my eardrum, are interpreted by my brain as a pop or bang. A whole lot more skills goes into being pretty and shiny.

Not to mention I just don't like loud noises. Correction, I like loud music or being loud at times but sharp, unexpected sounds....not cool. I'm already a jumpy, anxious person and I don't want a heart attack at 22.

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