Saturday, June 9

Deciding What I Want

My plans to spend three months in South America this coming fall will not be easily swayed. That doesn't mean that things don't come up that would make it easy (and profitable) to stay.

In the last two days I have been offered one position and one interview for good career-building jobs, here, in the soo. Settling down sounds easy. It sounds safe. Will those opportunities come up again? What will I do when I return from S.A., work at a regular job until I can go away to school? Maybe I won't figure out what I want to study so I won't go to school. Could I settle down?

My boss took me out for lunch yesterday (randomly), we'll call him Dwayne. There isn't anyone else who makes me consider where I am going in life and what I want out of what I'm doing than Dwayne. His stand-by advice is that the key is to figure out what makes you happy but that it took him 60 years to do it. It really is about the process.

Career woman or carefree young traveler?


Silas said...

how about carefree career woman? mm... maybe not the best combination.. heh

Jacquie said...

so true about the journey. though that kind of scares me. i can see you as a carefree traveller and then a career woman, maybe travellng the world as a career woman as well?? who knows. katie, you're so smart and talented, you could do a lot of things successfully. just live life with gusto, no matter what you do. :) P.S. i'm glad i found your blog!