Thursday, March 1

Pathetic Fallacy

It's March 1st. This morning during my first class I received an email stating that i have been accepted on exchange to Mexico. You heard right. Not Argentina. Needless to say that I am thoroughly disappointed (crushed you might say). There are many factors that I can talk about in another post but basically I want South America and not Mexico. I'm not happy.

i have purchased the latest issue of Adbusters and some pop and I'm going to wallow for the rest of today before I decide what to make of this.


Beth said...

that's frustrating.

Vaness said...

As for your comment on my blog:
I know Amanda and Ryan Smith who moved there 2 years ago I think.
As for your post...
maybe you'll still get accepted for Argentina.

Katie V. said...

Beth: agreed!
vanessa: Thanks for the encouragement but I failed to mention clearly that acceptance to Mexico (my second choice) means I was not accepted to Argentina (first choice). No one can be accepted to more than one place.