Tuesday, March 20

thanks for the....electronic steak?

I'll admit it: facebook is growing on me. Now that people in the soo have finally discovered it i actually use it to keep in touch with people that I rarely see or talk to otherwise.

But $1 for 'gifts' made of pixels? ok, they are good for a laugh. Haha, you sent me a picture of goat. But $1? draw them a picture on paint, email a picture that you took, email one you found on google, tell them a joke! What really gets my goat though is that some of them are sold out!! Sold out??!! There are two problems with this in my mind:
1) people paid for these things, lots of people
2) how can you sell out of an electronic cartoon of anything? Sorry, we no longer have the pixels to send that particular mug of hot chocolate but we do have a pearl necklace if you are interested.

Like the miser I am I will save my one free gift until the very perfect moment comes up to use it and never again send a gift over facebook. Stamped it.

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Beth said...

these are exactly my thoughts.