Thursday, March 8

3 topics on my brain

topic 1: I'll go for the most superficial first. I have a rant. One of my classes designates a certain portion of our marks to case discussions. This brings out some very annoying, vacuum like behaviour from the class. In order to illustrate my point I will now be facetious.
Professor: today we will be talking about the pants that I'm wearing and different options I have for pants.
Annoying student: I would first like to say that the pants you are currently wearing are really great pants.
A.S.2: First, I would like to agree with what A.S. 1 said and add that black is a great colour for you but that the option of grey pants would be equally flattering.
A.S.3: I think a lighter shade of black might be good.
A.S.4: Or even a shade somewhere in the middle, with a stripe.
A.S.1 (again): When my dad buys grey pants he buys them from *insert expensive store here* and they have quite a few striped pants in stock right now.

I could go on forever, or have thought of a better example but the point is that they all scramble to say something, anything, that no one listens to what the other students say. They constantly make the same point as someone else or just make a random comment to open their mouths. I refuse to stoop to that level. Rant over.

Topic 2: actually I have class right now so i'll have to cover these later. So this just became solely a rant post.

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Beth said...

this is a funny post.