Saturday, March 24

"Let that Be Enough" is no longer relevant

Right now I have that post-birthday mellowness. Not only am I older but the celebration is over. It does not bother me to admit that I love birthdays because it is an excuse to feel special for an entire day. I can't complain because I really did.

What the day made me think about was love languages; how each person shows their love in a different way. Sometimes those ways aren't compatible. I think my love language is quality time. Or maybe it is gifts. Whatever it is the sure fire way to get me is to do something thoughtful like spend time making something or to write a personal note in a card or give me a small gift that reminded that person of me. The way I show love is similar but not exactly the same. Acts of service best describes what I do. It gives me great joy to do something small for someone I am close to, to surprise them or to help them complete something.

Birthday Re-cap
--I received some very sweet messages on my facebook wall, many from people back home that I just don't get to see enough
--Lunch was with four lovely ladies. The time is what mattered, and the thought that my friend arranged for others to come because I was bummed that everyone would be at FOP for my birthday.
--A certain very talented person played Happy Birthday at the stairs for me on the ACORDIAN! It's pretty hard to get more special than that.
--My house and I ordered pizza (something we actually never do) and ate it on the living room floor and then just chilled until we walked to C4C
--Becky picked up some fancy tea, a travel journal and a framed grad photo of the two of us. I definitely get a little tear-eyed looking at it (or reading the back too) remembering that I really am graduating and I am so comfortable in this place and with these people.
--Sarah made me a beaufiful framed collage of pictures of our house and the Jaxx gave me books on the English language. Talk about thoughtful.
--to finish off the day Sarah and I ate popcorn while hanging out and watching Mythbusters (the one about deadly farts....all I can remember is the farts)

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Jesskah said...

so..... was the myth busted or sustained?