Wednesday, March 28

things i'll miss about guelph part II

the courtyard is full again but this time everyone sits along the edges to give the dancers room to work. Work? Move. seizure? It is contemporary dance and I can't tell the difference between the 4 year olds who are hopping and flowing to the music in the intermission.

No inhibitions. One lies on her back with all of her limbs straight up and hands and feet limp. Hippie kids raised at Guelph. My children will be raised in a university town.

We have discovered the a girl who lives three doors down from us owns three identical black chihuahuas that go outside on pink leashes. My first reaction upon hearing this would be to gag at the thought of that many ankle-biters but no, they are adorable and I will have a soft spot in my heart for them. I have been needing a dog these past few weeks. normally I don't wish for an animal but the idea of a warm companion that makes you feel special all the time.

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