Thursday, March 15

Hold Your Horses

Things I believed as a child:

I thought that BC was the edge of the earth.

A friend told me a 'ghost story' about a princess who was locked away by her stepmother in a tower and died there because her stepmom was jealous of her long beautiful hair. Now she wanders the earth as a ghost to get revenge and anyone who touches her hair turns into a ghost. I was about 5 or 6 (because I still had my own room) and for months after that I slept up against the wall, with the blankets over my head and a small opening near my face for fresh air. It took me another 10-15 years to stop letting people tell me scary stories or watch scary movies.

The cool rock I found in the backyard was a piece of flint and was likely used by natives at some point (ok, I actually think that I still have that rock)

All old homes have really neat old attics with crazy fun stuff like mannequins, pictures of people from the victorian era and letters from the war.

Even though I didn't really believe it I never could stand in front of my mirror and say 'bloody mary' three times.

It is amazing the way that children see the world. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to see the world as I did as a child just one more time. Everything was so new and exciting. I'm still a very excitable person but it is different. Life has become so complicated by big important things, I don't ever want to forget the little things.

[Editor's Note: I just remembered the reason I had thought of writing this blog. The rational explanation I used to explain the cracks in the asphalt on the roads was that dinosaurs must have done that long long ago (if not dinosaurs it at least had to be all those prehistoric earthquakes i'm sure wawa was getting)]

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Anonymous said...

This is a really great blog. I think part of all of us wishes we could be a child just one more time. We'd appreciate it so much more.