Thursday, March 29

call me Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

Gmail is a wonderful SPAM catcher with few unwanted emails getting into my inbox. Sometimes, for entertainment, I go into my SPAM folder just to see what is there. These emails have gotten more creative and make me question if they are generated by a 'random word generator' in hopes that someone will be fooled by the subject matter or name. Well the chances of me being fooled by these names are slim. Does anyone know a:

hot-water bottle Cordosa?
how about his cousin (her?)
Webber Z. Austin who is offering me a gardener scholarship
then you must know the esteemed Cisneros Q. Theodora, the most famous astronomer of the 21st century
surely you know him? How about the crazy old man down the road
Mr. Watty B. Tapia. What good times we have had. He must be mad because why else would he write me an email about significant fishnets

i think that if I have children I will n ame them by opening my spam folder and choosing the 4th name I find.

Rolf Crum (british for sure), McDermott G. Lewie, Moody William (someone never lost their childhood nickname the time they threw a tantrum at their birthday party), Dottie Sue (first time off daddy's farm), and we can't forget Velanzuela R. Bel