Saturday, March 24

A new song

One of my favourite music artists is Tracy Chapman. While walking across the field to Emily's house for our joint birthday dinner one of songs started to repeat in my head. Then I couldn't help but hum it and eventually sing it quietly as I squished through the wet grass.

She's got her ticket
I think she gonna use it
I think she going to fly away
No one should try and stop her
Persuade her with their power
She says that her mind is made

...But she knows where her ticket takes her
She will find her place in the sun

Some of the lyrics were left out because they don't apply however, this chorus at least is my new song. I have my ticket, I plant to use it and it will take me to the Island of Bermuda! $407.65 CDN to become a traveler and to finally experience the ocean. Hopefully this will be my song many more times after that.

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