Sunday, March 11

Slept in until noon

Last night was my third and final College Royal Ball. I was definitely fortunate to have spent it with a big group of fantastic people. This is likely the first time I have gone where I was not trying to impress anyone, where I left the house without first freaking out about what I was wearing and worrying whether the other girls would look better than I did.

This evening ash, jaxx and I took a walk at 730 to watch the sun set. The spring forward time change is a blessing, even if it hurts for one night.

There are three packed boxes in my room with things that I don't think I'll be needing again before we move out. I have lived in this room for almost three years. At least my furniture has been here this long. The hardest thing to start packing was my books. There is something comfortable about having shelves full of books, however, realistically, I will not be reading most of them in the next month and a bit.

I own about 14 pairs of shoes. Most made in China. A few from places like Vietnam, Cambodia and just one from Canada. Which I happened to purchase at Value Village. Tidbit of information about me: I desire to own a collection of pumps with an rainbow-like assortment of colours.

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