Monday, March 12


It hit me today while reading an example in my Linguistics textbook. The band "Ghoti Hook"...not called "go-tee" hook but FISH hook. man, that could have been embarrassing. This represents a good 10 years of confusion explained.

If this doesn't make any sense, allow me to explain. English is a language that has an alphabet that is terribly unsuited for its job. Not only that but some crazy nuts who started spelling things really did a royally poor job. One dude who was kinda peeved off by this the inconsistency in English spelling proved that one could spell Fish "ghoti" if spelling from other word are applied.

Ie. the 'f' from enough, the "i' sound from women and the 'sh' from nation. Clever, no?

here let's do my name.

the 'k' in chameleon. The 'a' from hey. the 'tie' from "tea"
you get: Cheytea, the new spelling of my name. Its easy, anyone can do it!


Beth said...

hmmmm, let's see. i'll take the "B" from....bunny. the "e" from...elephant. and the "th" from...moth.

what does that leave me with?
oh crap, it's still Beth...

Katie V. said...

Rebecca is a good one: Rh from rhyme, 'oul' from 'could', well, regular be, k from katie and 'u' from fun. you get Rhoulbeku.