Monday, February 26

Who was I?

I have to write a presentation for Spanish and in an effort to procrastinate I have been reading my very earliest of blogs. (you would avoid a presentation if you had to talk about *in spanish* the role of money in war and marriage and draw other comparisons between material and spiritual topics)

Normally I avoid my old writings because I inevitably end up wondering what i was thinking at the time and how I managed to retain friends (I suppose that will but this very blog in that category in about a year).

I started the blog when i was in second year, just 19 years old. I am about to turn 22 and it is interesting to see things that have changed. For one, I took a long quiz-thing and apparently I wanted to be married by the age of 24. Don't get me wrong, that would be great and all but it's looking less realistic now.
Apparently I also considered myself to be significantly right-leaning politically. Wow, things have changed.

On another topic here are some fun cultural tidbits from Linguistics class (inspired by Beth's cultural facts post I suppose).
1. both French and Spanish have no word for generic term 'sibling' like English does
2. Spanish has a word for 'your child's-spouse's-parents' ; consuegros
*lots of praise and may a bit of chocolate for anyone who can identify another language that has a term for the above relationship
3. the word belly originally referred to all the skin covering one's body


nathizz said...

Hey hey! just thought I'd say I know someone that you know! Her name is Stefaney Bazijanec.... FREAKY! anywho I'll talk to you later! l8s g8s from n8s

Katie V. said...

no way, nice! i went to elementary school with her. and bible camp. say hi to her for me ok? have a good week man