Sunday, February 25

Less than fundamental

It's almost 6am. The tossing and turning started soon after the lamp was turned off around 2am and ended with me turning on my computer about twenty minutes ago. Tomorrow promises to be a long day without sleep but one can only lie awake for so long without giving in to it.

In my boredom I searched random blogs and after many chinese, portuguese and computer blogs that I quickly bypassed, one caught my attention. It's a blog by a Christian who considers himself a seeker and (I think like me) wants so much to have the truth from the New Testament but still has questions.

He has articulated some of the thoughts I have been having much better than I have been able to. It is appealing to get a taste of some of the more liberal Christian theology (still reliant on the Bible but willing to accept that it may just not be as simple as one prayer).

If anyone takes the time to read his blog (I recommend "Father, forgive them" and "an extravagant hope") I would be very interested to hear what you think.


Vaness said...

Hey Katie,
So I read that guy's blog.
I disagreed with a lot of what he wrote, but he's very intelligent and I like that he thinks hard and deep about tough issues.
So I respect that.
Yay for blog surfing.

Katie V. said...

I appreciate that you read it. i didn't really expect any christians to agree with it (i'm not sure if I agree with how he reads the Bible either) but it gives me a lot to think about. And expresses some of the same frustrations i have felt.