Saturday, February 17

One Wonder of the World: Check

Sarah and I arrived back here safely after a day-trip to the spectaular Niagara Falls. For a city of 76000 there are an incredible number of larger than life displays. Even burger King was outfitted with an 8m Frankenstein. First things first we saw the falls:

Then we went under the falls:

The amazing force of the falls was fantastic. I couldn't help but wish that I could have seen its beauty and power in a less "tourist" way; being able to come across it having heard the rumble for miles and breaking out of the forest to stand at the edge of the falls. That is how they were meant to be viewed.

We also spent some time at the IMAX and Ripley's Believe it or Not which, by the way, was pretty darn nifty!

Actually, upon further investigation, apparently I have no experienced an actual 'wonder of the world', not even a natural wonder for that matter. Well then, i'm just going to start my own list. The Wawa goose is now on the list. Check #2!

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