Saturday, February 10

Down Down in an Earlier Round

I am a lyric snob. I always try to know the correct lyrics of a song because it bothers me when words are ambiguous while i'm trying to sing along. I even laugh a bit when someone else is just singing it and obviously does not know the correct lyrics. Yes, I realize it is of no importance and I am officially going to stop being a lyric snob.

Also, it is quite difficult to be a grammar stickler when trying to follow the "one cannot end a sentence with a preposition' rule. Sometimes it just sounds ridiculous!
por ejemplo, Who is this for? What would I say in regular everyday conversation: For whom is this? This is for whom? Naw, i'll keep my 'poor' grammar. But the benefit of the linguistics class is that I'm finally being taught the intricacies of grammar that were denied of me in elementary school. A world of knowledge is opening up.

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