Thursday, February 1

Happy blood day

Sorry for anyone who doesn't like blood. But today I fulfilled one of my life goals so that deserves celebration (Canadian Blood services provides the cookies!).

I had an appointment at the clinic for 1120am. Iron test: passed again! Then I had to sit for 20 minutes waiting to have my heart rate checked (among other things). It was pretty much impossible to convince my body to calm down, I could think of nothing else but keeping my heart rate low (which is effective, of course). Reading didn't work. music didn't work. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply really didn't work.

Number 43 was finally called and I passed temp: 37.1 degrees. blood pressure: 105/66, good. Heart Rate: 107! Haha, I think I might be an excitable person. its supposed to be under 100. so she asked me some questions and then took it by hand and I made the cut with 10 beats to spare!!!!

One draw back: the whole process took over 1 1/2 hours meaning I, yet again, missed my Spanish seminar. This is the third week that it has been running and I have yet to make it! That's nightmare material.

first week; I just forgot.
second week; went home for a funeral
this week: i don't bleed fast enough.


Vaness said...

I liked this post. :)

Coconut said...

hahahaha... YEY! you did it! I was going to ask you last night if you had tried again, but sweet deal! Have fun... you blood donor you!