Monday, February 19

Maybe I'll name my (potential future hypothetical) daughter aubrey

Every year the Sault Star puts out a "Babies of the Year" for the previous year with photos and names of the recent additions to the local population. Usually there are a good number of Luigi's, Maria's and Anthony's studding the few pages of babies. There was actually many fewer than usual however, one little dude made up for it. His (rather unfortunate?) moniker Massimiliano Sicoli. How his dad convinced his mangiacake mother to use that one I will never understand.

A few other names that make me question the right that parents have to name their children were Dargus (yep, a little girl), Bishop (ok, i know this is a Catholic town, but those are high hopes, why not call him Cardinal? or Pope?), and the people who made it out of highschool before grade 10 literacy testing were little Kaylob and Alexxa's parents.

Something that speaks to the changing demographics of the north: there was a very cute little guy who wasn't white! It is officially the first time i've seen that i'm sure. Little master Bhatt son of Vipul. Times are a'changing.

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