Tuesday, August 3


Approximately 78 minutes ago I arrived at my parents' house for a month of vacation. I mentioned all of my grand plans a few posts ago. This is about a first that wasn't on my official list: I bought a bikini. Yikes! Technically it isn't a true first because I owned a rainbow one at the age of 7 that I begged my mother to buy me at the Northern Store. My more recent one is (I think) a bit more sophisticated in a dark brown with some autumn-leaf-coloured jewels. My biggest problem right now is actually wearing it out of the house. I think I could pull it off if I spent all of my time either standing or laying down without transition time (and no sitting or bending at the waist for any purpose). This somewhat limits my range of motion. Perhaps it will act as a motivator for the next few weeks to boost my running that has dwindled from 4-5 times per week to 2-3.

On the topic of swimwear, I've recently found a new waxer*. She will forever be my waxer: foul-mouthed, hilarious, chatty and great prices. If only I could afford to employ her full-time. A less painful solution could be the personal laser hair removal system for just $500. Costco sells them. (of course they do). It only has to be used every 2-3 weeks so, conceivably, it could be split about 10 ways and passed around to make it much more affordable. Honestly, it would become my new hobby as they say it takes about 8 treatments spread into 2-4 week increments.

And, jumping back to running, I haven't updated in a while. A few weeks ago I set a personal best on an early morning run: 29 minutes for 5km. It felt glorious. Potential setback in the making though after yesterday's development of a sore heel. It seems to hurt only with walking and not running so I'm hoping that I can keep up the (lax) regimen I've been on. I've taken to wearing the fivefingers around town to promote walking on the front part of my foot, away from my tender heel. I'm still supporting the weird-looking shoes.

*I subscribe to the view that hair on women is meant to be removed. I realize that this isn't the most enlightened view or the one most free of male oppression but I am wholly indoctrinated and truly believe in the evils of the hair follicle anywhere other than a few select areas.


Beth said...

thumbs up on this blog.

i have yet to master the art of bikini transitions...i may sometimes set my book/magazine on my stomach before sitting up. is that lame or brilliant?

Katie V. said...

Brilliant. I'll bring a magazine, perhaps without a hot bikini babe on the front. Something intelligent looking.