Friday, August 6

A New Low

Actually, this isn't that low, just sad: I cried at the library today. In serious need of some library time (even though I have about 5 books already on the go and they are going slowly). The library is a refuge and sanctuary for me. This was my first visit since, you know, (aka. attempting to ruin my own life) but I knew that I would have to return eventually. I stopped by while running errands (Happy Birthday, sister) and my stomach started to wiggle as I got closer. In charge of my emotions I opened the familiar door and strolled in. I got a friendly greeting from one of the staff that I knew from *before* but opening my mouth basically set me off. Making it through the obligatory social niceties I disappeared into the stacks. It wasn't a full out cryfest but just a few tears. I found my books and received a death stare at the counter.
1 - pleasant greeting
1 - deathstare
4 - books

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Suzanne said...

Why did you get a deathstare??