Wednesday, August 11


Brownies and cookies in one magnificent pan of stupendousness. The idea came from here. Why have just one awesome thing when you can combine two of the most amazing desserts on earth? The gospel here is that YOU DON"T HAVE TO CHOOSE!

The recipe on the Bake at 350 website calls for box brownies and bag cookies. This isn't necessary! Whip up a good brownie recipe and then slap together some cookie dough and voila! It takes 20 minutes if you're quick (or if you have help.....ok are 'helping' someone faster). And maybe put some chocolate icing on top. Definitely put chocolate icing on top. I have changed your life, you're welcome.


vegetard said...

Yeah, you're going to have to make these for the next class potluck. And then I'll curse you for my pants not fitting. And then I'll ask you to make me some more.

Nadine said...

Oh, my. Yes, you have changed my life. Thank you.