Wednesday, August 11

Pie Numero Dos

Apparently I'm not on a pie kick. Part of the reason is that mastering pie crust takes practice. Finding the best crust takes trial and error. In my pie research I learned that crust is pretty simple. It needs 4 basic things: sugar, salt, flour and some sort of fat. The fat is where things get fun. Traditional types include shortening, butter, lard and oil. The first one I made was of the shortening variety. This more recent crust is the butter family. It smelled so much more luxurious as it baked. The dough itself was rich (yeah, I tried the dough...). Apparently lard makes the flakiest of flaky crusts but I can't yet bring myself to use pure animal fat.

The filling is raspberry peach. Mostly peaches and a handful of raspberries. A whole of of sugar. Also read this (scroll down a bit) beforing attempting a peach pie. Who knew that you don't just grab a knife and start peeling them like an apple! This should come in handy for my next project (peach mango jelly).

As of this moment I can't comment on taste. But since that is the most important aspect I'll update as soon as I can.

Baker's Note: I'm never going back to shortening. It doesn't compare. The crust was so flaky the top was breaking apart and it had a hint of shortbread taste. I think I have found my pie crust recipe so now I can just perfect this one. The filling, according to the sister, resmbles spiced peaches.

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