Saturday, August 7

First Summer Goal

The pie. It might not have been on my original list but I added pie because being able to create a superb and flaky pie crust seems to be the coveted baking task. My first go was a berry pie (rasp, straw & blue).

The crust.
The filling.
--I took the liberty of modifying this crust after a tutorial pie session from Fancy Nancy earlier this week where she taught me some secrets. In addition to the recipe I added 1/8th cup brown sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp flour. The berries were frozen.

Positives: the filling is a bit tart but also sweet. Not runny. The top crust has a beautiful golden look that appears flaky.
Developmental criticism: bottom crust was too tough. This means that I'll likely try a different crust next time. I'd like to do a butter crust instead of shortening next time. The crust was also a bit overworked because I rolled it out once and it looked lovely but, alas, it was too small and I had to start over. Beware.

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