Monday, August 9

Another Goal Down

This morning I checked off another summer goal: send a postcard to postsecret. It took me some time to actually think of a secret. I realized that the concept of secret is a relative term for me. Certain things are common knowledge with certain people or social circles and unmentioned in others. Perhaps I should work on my 'mystery' factor.

The secret is sent. I'm not expecting to see it on the website but I can check off something from my list and go on looking for more life goals.


Beth said...

i thought of two secrets to send in. one that's pure fun and one that's pure secret.

ow to make my postcards.

Beth said...

ow = now.

Jim said...

I noticed that one of your goals on 43 Things was to shave your head. I am a stylist for a porfessional haircutting video producer in Minneapolis and we pay well for dramatic changes such as this.