Thursday, August 19

Worlds Collide

According to a list on wikipedia, these are the places in Toronto that make up Scott Pilgrim's world. I'll indicate where our worlds converge*.

Book 1

  • Toronto Public Library - Wychwood Branch Walk by this on the way to the house of a supreme blogging duo (will not name duo since this is referencing their abode).
  • The Rockit: This was a small venue for local bands in Toronto. Negative
  • Pacific Mall: An Asian mall just outside the Toronto municipal limits. Done. Undergrad at G-welf. Miss Sassy Spont and Miss Nay-peer took me on an Asian Adventure. We ate dimsum, we took cheesy photos in a booth, we played DDR.

Book 2

  • Sonic Boom: Nope
  • No Account Video: Nope
  • Casa Loma: Both the building itself (nope...sad!), as well as the Baldwin Steps, (check, ran these stairs with the talented JPD)
  • Toronto Reference Library: A distinctive 6-floor reference library. Do I even need to mention this. Of course!
  • Lee's Palace: A night club in Toronto, featuring local and international bands. Gloves and I witnessed an incredible concert by Mumford & Sons here in January.

Book 3

  • Honest Ed's: A large discount store founded by Ed Mirvish, a local businessman and theatre mogul. Check. Meather, Sprimmer and I scored some classic crap (77 cent Kim Cattrall flick on Global Cooling).
  • Yonge-Dundas Square: A large public square in downtown Toronto. Numerous times. Sighted almost daily.

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

*This is based on the books and not necessarily on the film. Although it did have some classic shots of Lee`s Palace and Casa Loma along with a TPL location.


Beth said...

you need to go to sonic boom. and we should meet at sneaky dee's for our next round of drinks & appies.

i miss you.


vegetard said...

I'll take you to Dufferin Mall!!

Katie V. said...

It isn't necessarily my goal to visit all Scott Pilgrim places but if it means hanging out with you lovely ladies then I'm in for some adventure!

Nadine said...

We went to Sneaky Dee's after watching the film. Because we're obsessed.

I haven't been to Casa Loma in years. And it's in walking distance from my house. I/we should remedy this.