Friday, August 27

Update on Goals

There are none. I hit a snag a few weeks back and my motivation to do anything other than basic self-care and watch Criminal Minds diminished to almost nil. More relationship drama that I'm trying oh-so-hard not to be emo about but to be a grown-up. So I'm back on the goal wagon but not likely in time to complete them before I move back to school on Wednesday. The lagging goals also include my 10km stretch. Considering that it has been almost two weeks (TWO WEEKS! I need some motivation!) since I last ran (and I am pretty ashamed of this) I'll have some seriously stamina-rebuild to do. It is hard to explain why I need so much motivation to go running: I enjoy it (most of the time), I like the satisfaction of progressing in my 'training', I long for it when I haven't done it (ok just a passing wish not so much with the pining). Alas, it has been 12 days. This had better improve because I believe that I agreed to run a 5km race in mid-Sept. I thought a looming race was supposed to motivate????


Anonymous said...

:( Don't be hard on yourself! Plenty of time to accomplish all that you want to!

cgarden said...

You can do it Katie! You'll get back in the groove of running in no time!