Sunday, September 5

Back in Toronto

The move was successful and I have been spending my days unpacking, planning Orientation Week, hanging out with friends and generally getting settled. We already have internet and it only took about 2-3 hours to set up. But I did it all by myself! I figured it out, even making our connectino all secure (so I think). The apartment is quite big although it has its quirks. My room has two large closet doors for the entrance which, I learned while changing, blow open if the window happens to be open at the same time and a stiff breeze is traveling through. The internet is plugged in to an outlet that is controlled by a light switch. Turning off the light also turns off the internet. Now we have to remember to use the switch on the lamp. There is only one outlet in my room and it happens to be 4 feet off the ground. This doesn't sound that bad but it did suck up two hours with my mom searching for a power bar with a long enough cord.

Not to complain. There are lots of good things. Right in downtown Toronto we have both a giant living room AND an eating area. Both! In the same apartment! The windows are large and give tons of natural light. There is SO MUCH STORAGE! Three large closets and a pantry. My closet is enormous, we should rent it out for extra cash. It is on the 5th floor of the building so it is just high enough up to get a workout from the stairs but low enough that it is totally reasonable to use them (not that I've been doing that).

Due to my recent bloggin hiatus I feel like there is so much to catch up on. Here is a sneak preview of things to come:

1. My first running injury. Actually, I'll finish this one off now. I can't say if the injury is from running but it is hindering my running. I had to stop after 10 minutes today from my pain on the top of my foot. Methinks it is some muscle up in there but the hours I spend walking each day probably haven't been helping. It is frustrating because I have only been going out 2-3 times per week lately so I don't need an obstacle I need everything in my favour since the chub is catching up with me.

2. Jam! I made it. It tastes great. Photos to follow.

3. Orientation Week. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

[ETA: There is another positive about this building: ghost-vator. The elevator has a ghost and it is friendly. My mom noticed this first. Most of the time when I leave my aparment I press the elevator button and it is just chilling on the 5th floor waiting for me. I know, not THAT weird. BUT! The button for the first floor is also already pressed. But who pressed it? And why hasn't it gone to the first floor if it is pressed? Weird..... Thanks ghost/Patrick Swayze.]

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